Certified Statistics /SPSS/RSTUDIO/Data Analysis tutor
English Urdu Punjabi
$25 / 60 min
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* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
Hello! My Name is Ashar I am a Professional University Level Statistics tutor. I have taught Statistics for over 15 years on different online and offline forums. I had taught more than 2000 lessons to 500 + students from all around the world. My style of teaching is simple and understandable for those who don't have any background in statistics. I deliver my lesson using different collaborating online tools with the help of statistical software i.e. SPSS, STATA, JAMOVI, R STUDIO. deliver my lesson using different collaborating online tools so that the lesson remains interactive and Interesting for students. I can teach all topics of Statistics With the help of statistical software i.e SPSS, STATA, JAMOVI, R STUDIO, and Python. Topics I can teach as a statistics tutor/ Research method tutor  Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics  Basic Statistics Introduction  Presentation And Visualization of Data  Frequency Distribution  Graphs, Bar Chart Histograms, Scatter Plots, And Clustered Charts  Measurement Of Central Tendencies (Mean, Median Mode)  Five Number Summary (Minimum-Maximum, Quartiles, Mean)  Measurement Of Dispersion and Skewness. (VARIANCE STANDARD DEVIATION)  Probability And Its Distributions.  Discrete probability Distributions  Continuous probability Distribution  Random Variables and PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS.  Simple Linear Regression and Correlations  Time Series Analysis  Sampling And Sampling Distribution  Statistical Inference Estimation  Confidence Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing  One Sample Testing Hypothesis and Two Sample Hypothesis Testing  Analysis Of Variance (One Way ANOVA, Two Way ANOVA)  TESTING OF MEAN, PROPORTION, AND VARIANCE IN ONE SAMPLE AND TWO SAMPLES.  Experimental Design.  Multiple Regression and Correlation.  Vital Statistics  Statistics For Economics, Phycology, Medical Science.Business Statistics Contact me with full confidence and share your learning goals with me.
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