Chigozie A.
Server | HPE | Technical Support
English Ibo Yoruba
$15 / 60 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Chigozie
I can teach you how to setup up your own server and to remotely monitor it. I will teach you how to be a good Customer Support Engineer and a virtual assistant specialist, with hands on HPE servers, 3par storage, XP storage, and SAN switches. I have extensive experience in providing both on-site and remote support. I will teach you how to be an expert swiftly initiating a case for a malfunctioning device, gathering the necessary logs for in-depth analysis for troubleshooting, tracking the estimated arrival time of replacement parts, and ensuring the seamless delivery of hardware components to the site for installation during scheduled maintenance windows. I will teach you how to excel in the process of replacing faulty hardware components. I can schedule meeting and draft emails to resolve technical issues and guide customers on a specific project to achieve utmost result.
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