Ritu R.
🥇Professional, Certified Tutor, Spoken Hindi for Personal life| Hindi for Kids | Mythology | Literature | Culture | Beginner to Advanced Level | Guaranteed Results!
English Hindi Urdu
$15 / 30 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Ritu
Hello, नमस्ते🙏, Namaste. I am Ritu, I am a Native Hindi speaker & an international Hindi teacher. 🏆I have 10 + years of professional teaching experience. 👧👦I have created special lessons for Children. 📚Created an amazing method to teach and that is really easy to understand. ✅Discover Indian Culture🥻and Traditions & Learn Hindi(Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening). 🤝🏻I have a lot of day-to-day interesting conversational topics. 🎮I have a lot of games and fun activities to Improve your pronunciation and accent. 💬 Conversation about real life situations. 🕉 I have a deep knowledge of Indian Mythology, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Vedas. [I know the endless true stories of the Ramayana and Mahabharata by heart.] 🇮🇳 📖 Customise your course and make learning as fun as possible. I am always available for my students to achieve their goal as soon as possible. [Get Assistance📲24*7] ✨ My Lessons and Teaching Style ✨ I would describe it as result-driven. Since I work with students one-on-one, I always try to define the goals they want to achieve. I have created such an amazing method to teach. It includes your hobby, favourite games, childhood memories, shopping, travel, friends, and lots of other interesting topics. My Teaching Materials: 👉 PDF/ Word Files 👉 Audio recording 👉 Images 👉 Video Files 👉 Test templates and examples 👉 Customised worksheets My teaching style can best be described as interactive, supportive, and transparent. I have Created an amazing method to teach that is really easy to understand. I would really love to take you through my Hindi lessons. I have a lot of interesting activities to make learning Hindi fun. Take It Easy With Me. I would love to see you soon. 😎 Yours Truly, Ritu
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