Joy Akila D.
Certified teacher of English
$15 / 60 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Joy Akila
Hi there! Looking for a tutor to teach you all aspects of English and Literature? Look no further. I am Joy Akila Dakok, a Nigerian and a trained teacher of English. I am passionate about learning and growth, and I believe that everyone deserves to learn in the right environment and with the right tutor. I can guide you patiently through every topic, and I am quite supportive. I use different teaching methods based on my learner's needs. I am flexible, creative and resourceful. Being your tutor would be an absolute delight for me. It would give me the opportunity to meet you and and also show you how much help and support I can offer to help you master the English language. Let me be your tutor, let us work together. Learning is fun if we can learn from each other. Joy Akila Dakok
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