Pontso K.
PhD English student. Certified English tutor with 5 years experience.
$15 / 60 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Pontso
Hello everyone. My name is Pontso and I am a certified tutor and I am currently studying towards my PhD in English. I have taught people from over 15 countries, and I really like meeting people from all over the world. In my class, I help students to improve their speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. We also focus on articulation, grammar, reasoning abilities, pronunciation, and building their confidence in speaking English language. I teach students of all age levels and I tailor my lessons according to my students' individual needs. I have staged my poetry on various platforms in India, and have won best poet awards. I have also presented my research papers on international seminars and webinars, at different colleges in India. All these were spoken in English language. This allowed me to appreciate human differences and study different cultures and understand them. This should excite you that I am a certified tutor for you to improve your grades. My philosophy of teaching is that learners are of different learning capabilities, and it is my duty as a teacher to help each and everyone of them to reach their highest potential. I take an interest in nurturing the minds of young people into becoming better leaders of tomorrow, by teaching them English; both as a language and as a subject. Do not be shy to discuss with me what you want to achieve, or request any kind of help which is related to English. Schedule a tutoring lesson with me to help you with exam preparations, editing your term papers, reviewing your thesis, composing and reciting poems, and more. In my class, we shoot for the moon, our aim is to master our English to the very best of our abilities. I am here to help make sure that your journey of English learning is the most exciting and worth your while.
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