Zhi Hua Nicole G.
Certified Chinese and Cantonese Tutor
Cantonese Chinese English
$20 / 60 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Zhi Hua Nicole
Hello friends, this is Nicole from China, your future Chinese teacher, if I’m honor enough! 🤔You may heard that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn especially the four tones! 🤗But don't worry I will make the Chinese learning easier for you, I will help you to build the confidence of learning Chinese 🤗 I know the right amount of challenging you as a student. 🤗I have more than 7 years of Mandarin and Cantonese teaching experience and am currently certified in Mandarin, 🤔I will teach students according to their aptitude, 🤔with patient coaching and encourage fun learning like singing, flesh cards, role play and games. 🤔 I teach~ 🌻daily conversation, 🌻entrance exams 🌻composition 🌻business Chinese/legal Chinese/ medical Chinese etc. 🤔 I will try my best to help you to~ 💚 pronounce perfectly, 💚 speak confidently, 💚 remember the words easily 💚 understand the grammar correctly! 🤗I would love to share more in my class, looking forward to seeing you soon!
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