Angelina G.
Qualified Chemistry Teacher
$50 / 60 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Angelina
Hello students! My name is Angelina Grant , and I am a qualified teacher and experienced online tutor. I love teaching and have been assisting students in reaching their academic goals for many years. I have a solid background in the sciences, having earned a Master's degree in Chemistry. I have substantial tutoring expertise, having worked in-person and online with students of all ages and abilities. I've assisted students in preparing for examinations, improving their results, and honing their study skills. Every pupil, in my opinion, is unique and has their own manner of learning. As a result, I adjust my teaching method to each student's unique needs, ensuring that they receive personalised attention and support. My teaching method focuses on breaking down complex concepts into small parts to help students learn and retain the information. To make learning more interesting and fun, I employ a range of teaching strategies, including visual aids, interactive exercises, and real-life examples. I also emphasise practise, using previous exam questions to reinforce learning and make students feel more secure when it comes to exam time. As a teacher, I am dedicated to remaining current on curricular standards and exam boards. I'm familiar with the AQA, EDEXCEL, and OCR curricula and have a strong understanding of what pupils need to know to succeed on these tests. This enables me to personalise my courses to each student's particular needs, providing them with the knowledge and abilities they require to excel. In conclusion, as a certified teacher with a Master's degree in Chemistry, I have the knowledge and experience to provide students with effective and entertaining lessons that are personalised to their specific requirements. I'm passionate about assisting students in succeeding, and I'm excited to work with you.
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