Radostina I.
Entrepreneurship, Recruitment, Libraries, Archives
Bulgarian English
$20 / 45 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Radostina
I will guide into the world of business as a: SME owner on how to: start from the scratch, ideas developing, build teams and team buildings, delegate and diversify business risks, networking and other marketing initiatives, investment opportunities, job applicant for discussing important job questions and your personal business cases for job search, CV templates and motivational letters with one free session, specialist in libraries about management, marketing, technologies and archive selection, deposit and management. Entrepreneurship for SME owners ✅ how to start from the scratch ✅ you already have an idea - what is next? ✅ delegate and diversify your risks ✅ building teams or teambuildings ✅ how to find investors ✅ the importance of keeping in touch with the industry peers ✅ networking and other marketing initiatives Recruitment tips and tricks for job applicants ✅ free session ✅ important advices - ask questions or discuss a business case ✅ CV templates and motivational letters Libraries ✅ marketing for libraries ✅ how to gain more readers ✅ the role of the new technology for library activities Archives management for the industry management ✅ why it is important to select and classify your business archives ✅ where to store the old business archives ✅ should or shouldn't organise and deploy the archive into the government's storage
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