Attia R.
Certified Arabic and Quran ( tajweed) teacher 🔝🔥 with two years of experience ☑️ Friendly during classes 💓
Arabic Urdu
$15 / 120 min
* Excluding tax
* Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the session
About Attia
Hello, I am Attiya from Pakistan. I am passionate and a teacher of Arabic 🤩☑️ with more than two years experience and also I am a professional tutor . I am very friendly with my students and I am very interested in them reaching their goal and I will boost your grades using the great skills I have developed over the years 🔝. I will also help you prepare for competitive exams, quizzes and homework and after five chapters I will make you able to read initially and make you notice an improvement in your Arabic language. I have a teaching experience for 2 years in learning the Arabic language, and I learned through it how to be patient with students while they learn the language and master it and speak it smoothly and motivate them to see and learn a lot in it 52 countries in the world speak Arabic, so it worth the effort and learning. To learn Arabic with a patient teacher who is good at teaching his mother tongue to non-native speakers and made you able to describe your feelings orally and in writing Join me to help you with that
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